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For Member States and Associated countries organisations, the mobility must be towards the Third Country partners, and vice-versa.

The duration of exchanges for each researcher or technical/management staff will be for a maximum duration of 12 months. The staff to be exchanged should be “seconded” (i.e. maintain their salary in their institution of origin, and have the right to return), so as to guarantee full re-integration and the positive recognition of the mobility experience, thus maximising the benefit of this action for long term cooperation. The contract will be concluded with one of the participants located in the Member State or associated Country, which will be the main contractor while the other members of the partnership are defined as partner organisations.

The available Community funds will cover a subsistence allowance of the outgoing European researchers of EUR 1 800/researcher/month minus a 7% stoppage due to management costs. The salary includes travel and subsidence costs.

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