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The Exchange Programme to advanced e-Infrastructure Know-How (EPIKH) project is under the EU Marie Curie International Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES), a new implementation modality aiming at strengthening research partnerships through staff exchanges and networking activities between European research organisations and organisations from countries with which the Community has an S&T agreement or are in the process of negotiating one, and countries covered by the European Neighbourhood policy.

The strategic objectives of the EPIKH project are to:

·       Reinforce the impact of e-Infrastructures in scientific research defining and delivering stimulating programme of thematic educational events, including Grid Schools and HighPerformance Computing courses;

·        Broaden the engagement in e-Science activities and collaborations both geographically and across disciplines.

These ambitious goals translate into the following specific actions:

1.      Spreading the knowledge about the “Grid Paradigm” to all potential users: both system administrators and application developers through an extensive training programme;

2.      Easing the access of the trained people to the e-Infrastructures existing in the areas of action of the project;

3.      Fostering the establishment of scientific collaborations among the countries/continents involved in the project.

The joint programme will be implemented in two phases that will alternate between each other along the time span of the project:

Incoming phase -       A selected team of brilliant researchers, technical and management staff will be invited to visit the EU partners of EPIKH (for periods in the order of 1 month) to get trained about the Grid technology, for what concerns both administration of Grid sites and application support. An Open calls for grants will be published from the EPIKH website.   

Outgoing phase -      At least 2 Grid educational events per year and per continent (Africa, Asia, and Latin America) will be organized and run. During these events, the formed trainers will be also involved in the organization and training activities.

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