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GENIUS ( is a web portal jointly developed since 2002 by INFN and NICE srl ( with the goal to create a simple, though powerful and customizable, instrument for teaching Grid computing. Many Grid beginners are in fact discouraged by the complexity of the standard command line based interface (CLI) offered by the Grid middleware on a UNIX-like environment, that is hostile to a large part of potential users, that are not skilled computer scientists. GENIUS, which is usually installed on top of a gLite User Interface, offers a graphical, simple, and intuitive interface to the Grid services accessible from a common web browser without any additional requirements. When used during training events, GENIUS proves to be very effective in introducing Grid concepts, because CLI snags are hidden to users who do not have to check command syntax and can easily abstract their meaning.
GENIUS is available in GILDA in two flavours: the first is a full-featured installation, which requires a personal account, and has the same potentialities as a standard user interface. The other installation has been set up for demonstrative purposes. Although this has restrictions, like reduced capabilities for job submissions, it's available to everyone, including those having not a personal certificate or account, and so it allows broad dissemination of the strong capabilities of Grid computing.

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