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One of the biggest strengths of EPIKH is just its “inclusiveness”. Indeed, the consortium of members gathers 23 renowned Institutions from 18 countries of 4 continents.
The following complementarities and synergies, important to achieve the objectives of the exchange programme, can be underlined:
- many of the members of EPIKH are running regional and/or national Grid infrastructure and are also members of EGEE and the other EGEE related projects; this will significantly contribute to:
    - reach a potential number of people much larger than those actually working inside the member Institutions;
    - ensure long-term access to e-Infrastructures to the people outreached by the project;
    - define training programmes addressing the need of diverse geographic and social contexts;
- several of the non-EU partners are running National Research and Education Networks and/or National Grid Initiatives in their countries; this will ensure:
    - a capillary dissemination of the goals and outcomes of the project to a much larger audience;
    - a direct connection with politicians and decision makers;
- several partners from the various continents have already established scientific collaboration in the fields, for example, of High Energy Physics, e-Health, and Image processing and visualization; this will allow to define “transversal” programmes for the planned educational events planned reinforcing international co-operation;
- many of the partners will exchange researchers who are also involved in higher-education teaching activities at their home Institution; this will ensure an effective transfer of knowledge and a very fruitful “osmosis” between the training programmes which will be defined by the project and the university curricula;
- all partners can provide high quality training facilities both for on-line and off-line exploitation of the training and scientific programmes foreseen by the project.
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