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Grid Computing is an important paradigm for e-Science enabling rapid advances in many disciplines. Its combination of services and dynamic algorithms is delivering large and sustained data, knowledge, and computing intensive resources across heterogeneous sites spanning the whole world. New research groups use the Grid service to increase the number and diversity of application domains and scientific communities. The EPIKH Schools aim at increasing the number of applications running on the local/national/regional e-Infrastructures. The training programme will include lectures on the principles, technology, experience and exploitation of the Grid paradigm, as well as practical hands-on tutorial sessions, and dedicated application development sessions. We expect participants from all fields of science and research, including Computer Science and informatics, physics, astronomy, engineering, geomatics and earth observation, human languages, chemistry, humanities, etc.
The EPIKH events provide "grid expert" tutors to users and application developers, which are able to start  the  application gridification process, to help in identifying the  best  integration design, tools and infrastructures in order to get the application code running on production grids as soon as possible.
To maximize the impact and effectiveness of each EPIKH School, the number of applications to be "gridified" during these events will be listed in this section.
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